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RF or RM for Getty


hello everyone,
I am a former contributor to Getty, but I stopped to drop images in recent years. so far I've always worked RM with them. At present I ask myself for new pictures that I'll drop RM or RF which is the most interesting choice financially?
thank you for your replies

Don't even think RF. Volume is not there! RM figures are even lower nowadays that RF but there are 2 points that make it a better endeavour than RF. First you get 30 or 40% (vs 20%) and second sometimes you get a big sale although those are like the know it's there but you never see it. Now if you would have many similars than RF might make sense because the editing is much tighter on RM.

I do nowadays most of my money at Getty with RM sales. RF rpi are much higher on micro than on Getty.


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