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I just registered on and my images are ''low in MB'' regarding the agency standards. from what i understand they require more MB from a image than is normal for his format and resolution.......   ....!!!

My question is:

how to up size ( in terms of Megabytes ) a 8MP image jpeg format and 5MB size to 20-24MB JPEG format???????

.....or is something that i didn't understand?

Alamy acceptes images that are 8 megapixel.  The "megabyte" refers to an uncompressed image (TIFF file).  I submit at minimum 8.2 megapixel.

If you open the "image size" dialogue box in photoshop and make sure you have a RGB jpg file, then the "pixel dimensions" number at the top of that box is the number that Alamy is looking for.   It's basically 3x the number of megapixels.

What BaldricksTrousers said, but be careful that the modus is 8 bit and not 16!
They accept 6 mp and higher and upsizing not always give acceptable results.

--- Quote ---Alamy Submission guidelines
We need:
•   Images from at least a 6 megapixel DSLR or more. See here for: Recommended digital camera list
•   JPEG’s saved at a high quality setting (i.e. Photoshop level 10 or above).
•   Alpha-numeric file names ending in .jpg.
•   RGB files, not single channel greyscale or CMYK.
•   Uncompressed file sizes of more than 24MB. This means you should make your JPEG file from an 8 bit TIFF file that is at least 24MB. If you have a camera that is capable of producing an uncompressed 8 bit file of over 24MB then leave it that size.

--- End quote ---

Step by step:
-open image in PS (8 or 16 bit) as .tif or .psd file
-prepare the image as you wish
-control to set back the imagemodus to 8 bit
-control image size in Image size dialogue box
-the size is found directly under Image size.(called: Pixel dimensions ....M. That ....M should be 24M or higher)
-upsize when needed (and when quality is good enough to upsize)
-save as .jpg in highest possible quality


--- Quote from: Ed on February 17, 2012, 07:44 ---Alamy acceptes images that are 8 megapixel.  The "megabyte" refers to an uncompressed image (TIFF file).  I submit at minimum 8.2 megapixel.

--- End quote ---

exactly.. thats the only request.. I believe it is 8.4MP.. basically I upload and they "reject" lower sizes..


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