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Eyeem or 500px


Clair Voyant:
If you were wanting to have an agency as a pipeline to Getty Images, which one of the two would you choose? Eyeem or 500px.

From what I can figure out both send work over to Getty Images, both seem to other wise have poor sales apart from what Getty Images sells. Pros and Cons?

500px seems to be owned by Visual China Group who is in tight with Getty Images, whereas Eyeem seems to be independent.

And lastly, is it worth the effort?

Can't see why anybody would really want a pipeline to peanuts-paying Getty but there you are.....

In my albeit limited experience, sales on 500px used to be ok, then went to occasional pennies, now to zilch.

No idea about Eyeem.

Clair Voyant:
Why you ask? Good question...

I am exclusive with IS and also with GI and yup there is a strangle hold on my images. I could drop being exclusive which has absolutely no value any more, spread my images around a bit and still have my images parked at GI for the potential extra revenue stream.

Just doing a bit of research before I possibly drop the tarnished crown.

Premium Access has made GI and IS a joke.


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