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Today I received a reply from Juha Tuomi.  I had written about the fact that my last payment was for November 2012, and today I got a reply, plus payment for December 2012 and the first months of 2013.

Juha gave me permission to quote his e-mail on this forum :

Hello Anyka
Sorry for taking a looong time to answer. I spend my annual vacation at this time since summer goes busy with photographing around and at xmas time it is usually very quiet two 2-3 weeks. Unluckily we had and still have technical problems with our automated invoicing system with almost a month now. Not helping the situation that Im so disappointed to our finnish ICT and Accounting companies which all our invoicing goes through. It is sometimes disaster to make something too automated and abandon manual work as we have just had to wait and send emails and call what is happening. There is a lot of holidays going at xmas time in Finland so it wasnt surprise that delays occur.
To the fact that we are very late with our payments is due to dropping sales during the whole year 2013, second year in a row and at the same time rising credit losses which we have taken to pay from our own share for the last 10 years but we have to change that. From now on if client doesnt pay the bill despite the work of collectin agency we have to depit those from the commission. We think that is fair for both of us, which of course isnt the nice side of business. Luckily trend is that more and more companies use direct online payment since we dont give directly invoicing access because of that rising trend of credit losses and bad economy here in Finland.
We are starting payments asap we get invoicing flowing and have to start with small amounts and advance from there. We made a significant arrangement last year to minimize costs and have started to make more client assignments ourselves. Sorry that it will affect to answer rate and service quality to photographers/artists as we try to maintain top notch service for the buying customers.
I really hope that we havent lost your trust to us as a company and as a colleague photographers. It is always been important to us that even some years delays have occurred we have always paid everything in the end for over 11 years now.
I wish you a very good year 2014 in business and personal life! :)
All the best,

Though the dropping sales figures are bad news of course, both the e-mail and partial payment did reassure me.


--- Quote from: Anyka on January 17, 2014, 14:38 ---Though the dropping sales figures are bad news of course, both the e-mail and partial payment did reassure me.

--- End quote ---
Yes, sad to read that sales are down. Thanks for your efforts in finding out what's going on and posting this, Anyka.

Yuha is a very good guy indeed, and I am sure Rodeo will pay all the royalties sooner or later. I always liked Rodeo. I few years ago they paid surprisingly nice royalties and I still remember that  so I will not leave them when they have difficulties.


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