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i uploading on microstock ss, as, is, for a few years. and i know how microstock works.
now i want to start with some midstock agencies...but it is difficult to find someone experience about this agencies on forums like this is. Except for stoksy, i know few people who upload there, all other agencies are big enigma for me.

i was looking on what photos this agencies offer...and i like style on offset, i think i can do best there, but what i am interesting is how is earnings there, or what of this midstocks agencies are best to contribute?

 I know that for a lot of microstock agencies is not worth to spend time and upload photo there, income is so low, is the same situation in the world of midstock agencies?

Depends on what you shoot.

You shoot trending lifestyle model-released with multiple models or tomatoes isolated with your smartphone?

in offset, there was a time that at the beginning and not being saturated, I made two dollars per image a month or more in offset with a medium quality lifestyle (couples in city, group of workers in factory, family shots...). Today it is saturated with distribution agencies and my income has fallen to the level of Alamy, so I lost interest and returned to microstock. Offset has sinned the same as shutter: saturating the agency. They have also made a terrible management of exclusive content. Another big problem is the infinite scroll that buries the photos forever with some time.

Stocksy, I don't know how it goes, I guess it stays. Im not a very cool photographer.

Distributors such as images source, Westend61, or cavan receive for example 7.5 -10% of the sale made in getty, 15-25% in offset and 20% in premium adobe, so unless you are a Great producer, I do not recommend it, macro is a 25% of market and they take 50% of your earnings and rejects 60% of your photos.....
Personally I make more money in microstock  with my images mirrowed in getty by eyeem, where I have refocused my business.

Im very happy that a lot of photographers want focus in macrostock and lifestyle in the street with 1.4 sigmas. This is the new market saturation.


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