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I'll just mention this site and my experiences with it since according to a search there's no information here about it as of yet. is a small Canadian Stock agency which looks to have been around since 2002.  The site is all RF with 4 standard image sizes available for download.  Pricing starts around 5.00 for XS and goes to around 50.00 or so for XL (3600 pixels long end).  Contributors set the prices and paid commission is 70%.  Images submitted and approved must remain there for at least one year.  Some image editing can be done once approved ie: changing keywords, but the contributor cannot delete any images or change the individual prices; this must be done via contacting the administer where it is done on their end.
Furthermore, the contributing to this agency is old school; meaning the contributor sizes the images to the specified size (3600 pixels long end 3/2 ratio or 3400px long end for 4/3 ratio), burned to CD and then sent to them via snail mail.

They are then posted online where the contributor then gleefully fills in the keywords and other information for each image (no automated IPTC info here).  Now all of this would be fine if there were sales, but I had over 200 images online there for 15 months without a single sale.  Judging from what I've seen there over the past 15 months, it looks like this agency gets very little in the way of contributions, with the overall database looking pretty sparse (they dont even register on Alexa).

The owner, Dan Roitner, has flip-flopped a bit on his policies.  For example, the T&C states that images on Quickpixels should not also be sold on Microstock-type sites, but now he told me doing this was OK.
I had submitted some images that at first he asked for a property release, then when I was unable to produce one rather than deleting them from the database he changed them to live status and available for sale.

Anyway the T&C also states that images there must remain live for one year, so now after 15 months I requested that my port be removed and my account deactivated.  He was quite reluctant to do this (my 220 image port probably was about 5% of his entire database).  Finally I got a rather curt responce from him and my account was deactivated and images removed.
I'm not posting this as a gripe; I gave them a try and it turned out to be a venture of wasted time and effort.  I'm posting this rather as a point of information should others place a search for this particular agency and want a bit of information; since there's not much else in the way of information about Quickpixels out there.
I really have no idea if anyone has made any sales there or if anyone has reached the 100.00 minimum payout (up until last year the minimum was 300.00).


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