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Does anyone in the UK use the image file for stock purposes?

I made one sale there when I had six images as part of a larger collection with someone else.  Good sale too, 60.

I am trialing them now for handling my event printing (they handle the website, take the money and send the prints out) but although thought I'd load my stock library on there at about 50 a go for each RF picture.  You can do RF or RM, set your own prices etc.

The good thing is, I now have a stock library of all my images on my site, where people can search, buy, and I don't have to give 80% to a big company.  I suppose the key will be building up the size of my library, and of course regularly sending out flyers and updates to relevent companies and buyers.

Of course the other good thing, is I'm starting to cover much more music stuff.  Gigs, festivals etc.  Now I've got somewhere I can place images taken at gigs etc, ISO3200, which wouldn't be accepted at any traditional agency, and just send the link off to magazine picture buyers.  I get to trial run it at the end of the month, I'm covering a new festival in Wales!

So basically, I get to be my own inspector, market my own images to the people that *I* want to see them, also have them as part of a larger image library, and collect all the earnings for myself.


I'll let you all know how it goes...

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--- Quote from: Seren on July 14, 2008, 04:46 ---I'll let you all know how it goes...

--- End quote ---
So how is it going? Is it working out for you there or is it slow?

Any news about this site? ???


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