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Author Topic: would RM prevent theft or mususe of your images?  (Read 5731 times)

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« on: January 10, 2010, 16:46 »
i know there won't be too many answers here, but i do know at least 3 qualified ppl who frequent this forum to be able to answer this open ended thread.
i suppose i could PM them , but i feel this would be educational for all here.

i am not sure if this is the right category to open this discussion.
but i know that people in mid stock are more well-versed in issues of licensing as opposed to micro contributors who tend to be purely RF.

you will have to refer to another thread here regarding someone who has her images re-used by a buyer of her RF image and using it as his own in Deviant Art.  http://www.microstockgroup.com/general-stock-discussion/need-help-with-deviation-of-my-photo-on-deviantart/msg128837/?topicseen#new

i wonder if this is due to the laxity of RF images, and the wide application of Ext Lic . also that for a few dollars you now can get a lot of use to other ppl's creation . (read as, you can get a sub for lots of images for little money and redesign them as derivatives to lose the original ownership).

lots of questions now pop up in my mind on this issue.  some even not so sure if i said it correctly, but i think you know more or less what i am trying to ask.
if not , i will clarify as this discussion moves along.

 so instead of hijacking the OP thread on this subject, i thought it better be served to make it a separate thread
so the experts here can share with us their experienced of RM
and why they would prefer RM to RF.

one thing i 've heard most time when you talk of RM is that "you have more control " of your images. "buyers have a history of where it was used",etc.

other than the fact that RM buyers pay more for this "control"...
would i be correct to say that if i have images that are unique, (read as non generic), difficult to reproduce, hard to find, niche, stylistic,etc..
i would be wiser to go RM and forget about wasting my time in RF and micro.

as i said, a wide discussion here. but key issues being RM , control of misuse or even loss of your ownership due to derivative, etc..

 please feel free to extrapolate around RM and RF to give your opinion. the floor is wide open to you.

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« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2010, 19:19 »

I don't think it avoids theft, but possibly RM buyers understand more the restrictions of a license.  Nothing impedes them from using the image outside the original license.  For instance, I sold an image to be used in 5,000 copies of a textbook.  If the publishing company prints instead 10,000, or use it in another textbook, I may never know to complain.  However, since it's a traditional publishing company, I don't expect them to do that.

The control RM allows is of the usage. A buyer may want exclusivity in a certain country, and I can only guarantee that with RM.  If I license an image this way, I can not license it for worldwide use to another buyer.

Also, I am very sensitive about images of children.  I have never sold any, but the ones I have I would only sell for a very specific use. For instance, I have images of refugees in Africa, I would only sell one if the buyer's usage is editorial for this specific theme (not child abuse or AIDS).

I'm interested to know if people have other opinions about RM.

I would also add that our main difficulty is when selling an image at micros, when they sell a lot, because we never know if a certain person is using a legal copy or one redistributed by an legal buyer (intentionally or by accident) or even resold in a CD by someone who bought a subscription. 


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