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What about Ingram Publishing?

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I'm newbie on this forum but not newbie in microstock. I white this question here because in any other places I can't find answer.

Picture editor from Ingram Publishing was contacted with me some time ago. He sad that Ingram Publishing is a midstock.
He invited me to sell pictures on their stock.

Does anyone know somethink about this stock, work with it?
I spoke with picture editor and I like his words and may be this site is good enough.

Never heard of them.  You should google them to see if they are legitimate, and if you decide to submit read their terms and conditions carefully.

Personally I am always hesitant to upload to someplace I have never heard of without doing a fair amount of research.

Some additional information.
I found them on
that is pupular stock search site. They are in a Royalty free photo publishers list on main page. So I think that company is stable enough. But are they friendly to photographers... this is a question.

P.S. Also I found their collection on Alamy:
that is another + for Ingram.

I never signed with them but I found many of my images on this site  ???
2 are on the homepage.

Seems like a third party reseller, but prices for single image are not micro oriented.
I'm going to send them an email to get some info.



Ingram Publishing was founded in 1988, so they have been around for a long time. Don't really know what happened to them after a21 acquired them in 2005 and then the parent company went bankrupt. a21 auctioned off Ingram at that point.

Anyway, Ingram Publishing offers Royalty-Free images by subscription (called PurestockX) and Royalty-Free images by VCD (Ingram Publishing).  They are still operating and they are in the process of updating their PurestockX brand in the coming weeks.




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