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Which are the best paying midstock (macrostock) agencies?

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I'm currently submitting my photos to a couple of microstock sites IS and SS. I used to UL on Fotolia and Dreamstime as well, but stopped after getting really low sales, just around 10% of what SS and IS bring me. And this are all a part of the big 4.

Can you please recommend me a few in the midstock, perhaps also macrostock range. Preferably the ones that I wouldn't have to completely change my style of photography and invest a ton of money to make it profitable. The style I'd go for and suit me the most is like Vetta collection on IS. More edgy, creative and conceptual than microstock.

I've googled for those agency throughly, the only worth while seemS to be Alamy. Lots of the agencies are being closed down (like Zymmetrical etc). Any other suggestions besides Alamy? What I'm really looking for is selling RM, so I have the choice of becoming exclusive at IS if I wanted to in the future. I'm thinking of exclusivity mainly because of Vetta and the fact that SS sales are dropping in the last 2 months, it looks like you can't sell anything out of the box there just the same ol' MS crappy and boring photos like thousand s of people do and have to feed the beast like a mad man. Which I don't intend to do, I have a single session every month during the winter and up to 4 during the summer.

At this moment , its a bad job looking for any agency that will pay well, RM, RF, Micro, dont matter.

many are listed on

but how much they sell is entirely different matter.

I guess (without any real knowledge) that you'll be looking to invest a decent amount of money.

main ones that come to mind (again not that I have a lot of experience here)

Getty - will probably only offer you photographers choice where you pay $50 an image to upload

But they will be looking for very commercial stuff, I think you'll want some of the more boutique agencies

take a look at

it's  a bit dated but may still be worth a look


another one to look at


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