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Will Rodeo ever pay us ?

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--- Quote from: niserin on January 03, 2014, 07:49 ---I also hoped to get an Xmas present and be paid by Juha, but unfortunately I was not :(.
Guess the Finn folks spend and lot on Christmas themselves so they needed our money.

--- End quote ---

 ;D  You sound as if being paid by an agency is a "present" ... 
I wasn't paid either by Rodeo for Christmas - I did not even get a REPLY for Christmas (to my e-mail).

Of course it was sarcastic :D

I did not noticed that they got contributor site.

You can only get onto your own contributor page if you ask for a login.  And also :  the contributor site royalty reports only start half-way January, so you have to check your e-mail reports and add the totals of December 2012 and half of January 2013 to know how much they still owe you.


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