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Zoonar now distributing through Getty

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--- Quote from: cascoly on March 28, 2012, 17:24 ---zoonar claims: Unfortunately, our costs for keywording, checking, translating, captioning and deleting photos has risen considerably.

   what keywording or casptioning are they doing????

i've had ZERO sales from these guys, so dont think it'll matter much what happens from here on out -

--- End quote ---

I am not sure but I think they actually have their own editorial people look at the pictures before they release them to partners. Some pictures go to "refused" for a certain partner almost immediately, while the rest then stays for weeks or months in "released". To me that indicates that someone at Zoonar decided not to send that particular file.

Also, since they allow mingling of languages in keywords and most others do not, I suppose they have to edit out (or translate) keywords by hand. Their own fault, really, but us paying for agency inefficiency isn't new or limited to Zoonar.

here is a misunderstanding. The rule with Veer/Corbis is only FOR NEW PHOTOS that you are submitting NOW at Zoonar. Not for the ones, that are already submitted.


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