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I've been invited to bid on a project and I was curious if anyone has any experience with bidding jobs.  The basis of the project would involve the following: an hour driving each way to and from the project site and ten pictures total.  No post-processing, organization or printing is requested.  I figure the job would take me a maximum of three hours including travel time.  I was thinking of charging $25/hour with $0.55 per mile driven.  Please, anybody with experience weigh in on this, I really appreciate it. :)


Sean Locke Photography:
I've never bid on a job, but from what I've read, I would charge $75 an hour, and something like $250 to release the rights to the images.

[email protected]:
Davey, your fee depends on what kind of copyrights your client expects with the photographs, for example I've done a few assignments for magazines and when they are going to use the photos for a one time publication (One Time First Magazine Publication Rights) my fee is $400.00 for half a day or $800.00 for a full day + expenses which is a fair price, but in that case I hold the rights to the photos, if they're asking for Exclusive First Publication Rights or Exclusive Magazine Rights which pretty much they hold the copyright to the photos to do and use them as they please I charge a little more, since I would not be able to sell those photos again myself. This is just an example since I don't know what your client will be using the pictures for. I hope this helps.
Also, if you do get the job make sure to have a simple contract where you and the client agree on price, rights, amount of picture expected by the client in the agreed amount of time.

Thanks for the information so far.  Let me clarify a little more.  The job is for a company that sells grave sites nationwide.  There is a cemetery near me that they wish to have pictures of for their website.  They have requested one picture of the entrance with sign, one picture of the plot arrangements (presumably on a sign somewhere) and 8 photos from a central location that they can stich together to make a 360 degree flash file.  They will be using the pictures as advertising but they will not be published... not sure if that matters. 

[email protected]:
In my personal opinion, an assignment is an assignment, and advertising still what it is, whether the pictures are published or not, so the fee for specific photos for a business advertisement regartless on how they might be use still the same, wether for their website, billboards or a magazine for that matter...but really you need to take into consideration, how much is your time worth, or your equipment or your experience as a photographer, and based on that come up with a fair fee for you and for the client (that obviously you don't want him to give the job to someone else).

Best regards.

PS. Personally taking into consideration that there's only 10 photos to take + a few different angles of the same shot, and the place so close to where I live and also the fact that the photos I'll be taking could not be sold anywhere else I would do the job for $350/$500 + gas money (and maybe lunch)...lol


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