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Getty images and istock ?!?!



i am uploading images from 10 years i was at istock then getty images bought istock

there are very few sales and the royalties are very low

my question is ..

is there difference between uploading to getty images directly and uploading to  getty through istock

coz i see both images that has watermark istock and getty images even if they are under the same site or group

i guess that images that has getty watermark more expensive than istock "images"

and how can i upload directly to getty if it is more profitable ??




I haven't heard of one person in the past 2-3 years who is on iS and got accepted when they applied to Getty, but I've seen many people who were rejected.
(It could be that those who are accepted are sworn to secrecy, but people would find out, eventually!)

Note that even as a indie all of your images are available to a proportion of Getty buyers. Exclusives also have all their editorial files nd a selection of 'selected' files mirrored on Getty, though the former go under the very offputting category title of 'creative unreleased'. These have a Getty watermark and can sell for peanuts, but there can be occasional very pleasant surprises.

I don't really see much of a difference in my sales stament regarding the average sale prices no matter whether one of my image was sold through getty or istock. Prices are similar. I've always regarded them as kind of the same thing.
All the ridiculous sales that are for a few cents only show up under neither of then, but under "Partner Portal".


--- Quote from: Firn on July 15, 2020, 15:12 ---All the ridiculous sales that are for a few cents only show up under neither of then, but under "Partner Portal".

--- End quote ---
I think that's what they now call the scheme that used to be Getty Plus and Getty 360, where a 'selection' of buyers can access all files over iS and Getty on one account. Or is that Premium Access? It's all smoke and mirrors over there.


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