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need recommendation for pro printing place for poster-sized photos


I need a recommendation of place that will professionally print a photo at least 20"x16" on decent weight paper and using good color management (or, perhaps safer, one that I can get print out of photo to, so they can match it). 

It could be  either an on-line store or brick-and-mortar one in New York metropolitan or Long Island area.

If I want to avoid having to mail the framed photo, I need it all done by 12/29, so I really got myself in a fix.  :(   
But if you see this after then, have a place to recommend, and I haven't posted that I'm set , I'd appreciate it if you'd post the info.

I tried adoramapix, because of some rec's and its prices, and it was fine for my earthtone and B&W photos.  But when it came to printing photo including bright, colorful flowers, the colors were flat, dull  -  which is not how they look at several agencies, or when printed by my printer, or printed at store that, sadly, uses flimsy paper  - and I tried it with "print as is" and "enhance" and got exact same result.

thank you - ann

I really like the lightjet prints from calypsoinc.com but since you have a physical object that you are trying to copy that will not work. Can't you take a picture with a MF camera under controlled lighting conditions and then send it electronically to a printer?

If money is no objective they do have a "Digital copy" service


Good luck


They have been around for years and have a good reputation.

Hope this helps,


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