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Author Topic: "Because photographers don't need middlemen."  (Read 24212 times)

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« Reply #50 on: July 16, 2010, 15:23 »
One more question to jfmphoto: will you be offering additional languages for the buyers' interface?

« Reply #51 on: July 16, 2010, 15:30 »
It looks promising. If I can customize it the way I want I will give it a try.
I like the nested galleries, but from what I see photodeck offers only a pbase.com-style navigation, i.e. you see a thumbnail of the gallery, when you click on it you go deeper into the nested galleries. What I need, is a sidebar navigation that works like a category tree and is expandable/collapsable. For example if you click on parent-gallery "animals" it would expand into child-galleries: "birds, fish, mammals etc." Clicking again on the parent item would collapse the view.

I was planning to build such a site based on Drupal or Joomla during the cold winter evenings, but now obviously photodeck does offer some advantages and would save me time.

My question to jfmphoto is: is it possible to set up gallery navigation as I described (as an expandable/collapsable sidebar with parent/child galleries)? If not, will such an option be implemented later? I supply a niche market and quick navigation for the buyers is essential to me. It is very easy to set up in Drupal or Joomla, but as I said photodeck does have some advantages.

Hey Tom,

It is not possible right now but it is definitively planned. No firm ETA on it though. It's not on the top of our list, but it's not a huge amount of work either, so we'll probably slip it between bigger updates sooner rather than later.

As for multiple languages, the stock website I build for myself a few years back that got it all started does have multiple languages so be assured that we're keen on it. But this one is a big project, and pretty low on the priority list right now to be honest...

« Reply #52 on: July 16, 2010, 16:21 »
After all 10 gigs is only 25 to 40 images

Actually 10 GB is 1000 high-res images @10MB each. Most high-res JPGs are less than 10MB.

Bare hosting often costs more than that.

Yeah, my bad.  I was looking at my raw images and not the JPGs.  And if 10 GB costs you more than $10 a month you need to find another host.  I'm paying $30 a month for a terrabyte of space to host my own personal web sites (and those of most of my family).

Like I said, I think your overall concept is a good one and thank you for offering such a service, but your service is unproven.  There's no guarantee that you'll ever sell a single image, much less enough images for an artist to cover your monthly fee.  So hamstringing them with limited services is a bad move in my opinion.  You should be providing all artists every possible tool and chance to be successful at selling through your service.  Otherwise you are setting up them and yourself for failure.


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