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Author Topic: 2008 Microstock Goals - What are yours  (Read 15702 times)

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« Reply #50 on: May 03, 2008, 00:05 »
Learn more.

Finding a fabulous new space I can live in that doubles as a studio - with lots of windows to feed my need for natural light - would really rock too. (hey universe - are you listening?!)

Finding a studio/workshop that could double as a place to live (pretty much the same as you with a slight twist) would be the perfect living situation. I always have projects and need more space for photography.

Earn enough to pay for some of my equipment, and that's going to come from photo sales to publications and hopefully editorial on Alamy.

Get 30 photos a month accepted, on average, on all the MStock sites that I'm working at. That's not much, but based on time and everything else, it's a one-a-day plan.  ;)

I'm still not in this for the money. Maybe next year if the uploads keep making the portfolios growing.

« Reply #51 on: May 03, 2008, 08:39 »
Making $1.200,--/month by the end of 2008 (current $750,--)
Have at least 800 submissions by the end of 2008 (current 420)

Decide (by June the latest) whether or not to go exclusive at istock.
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« Reply #52 on: May 04, 2008, 13:24 »
Decide (by June the latest) whether or not to go exclusive at istock.

Easy way to decide that: What's your percentage breakdown? What percentage of your monthly earnings come form istock?

Less than 60% and I'd be wary of going exclusive. Could mean a pay-cut for most people if you're not pulling at least 50% (preferably 60%) from istock and are already at a higher canister level.


« Reply #53 on: May 04, 2008, 14:49 »
Well I answered to a similar topic on DT about 2 months ago. It was to earn 100$ monthly and get acceptance ratio to about 75%. Already acomplished the first goal so I'm setting it higher now, 1000 is my next goal and I'm about half way there. The second one is tougher but I'm at about 50-65% AR now (depends on the site). Another goal is to improve my photography skills so I would need to retouch less.

« Reply #54 on: July 01, 2008, 06:13 »
Just thought i would bump this again since the end of June marks 6 months gone by.

My halfway goal was met in May, but then june's income was lower so now it is not met again :)  Hopefully the fall holds some good things for the microstock industry.


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« Reply #55 on: July 01, 2008, 06:22 »
I read the 2007 goal thread and it was pretty interesting. My goals for 2008 are:

- Buy a D300
- Build my RF portfolio to at least 500 quality marketable images (long term goal is about 5,000)
- Start building a separate RF/RM/ED portfolio and contribute to Alamy and Photoshelter
- Hit Silver at Istock
- Have stock become at least 10% of my total income

Above are my goals posted back in December 2007.

- I'm now shopping for a D300
- I'm a bit behind on the 500 pics goal
- I now have a separate RM portfolio for Alamy and PSC
- I'm on track for Silver at IS by the end of 2008
- I'm on track for 10% income

One thing I didn't list is going exclusive with IS which I'm planning on doing sometime in July.
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