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Author Topic: IMAGEBRIEF anyone? - 70% commission  (Read 12927 times)

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« Reply #25 on: July 13, 2015, 23:51 »
So I'm still on ImageBrief.  I have not sold anything.  I had one more shortlist.  That one they said the buyer decided to not buy.  So all this time of submitting like crazy, and only two shortlists and no buys.  One really bothersome thing:  I had photos that were exactly what the buyer wanted.  I mean perfect.  It was never checked that they were viewed.  The buyer shortlisted one photo and it was not a photo, it was brush circles to look like bokeh.  Four, I think it was, circles.  Seriously.  So over it.  They asked for a view out the rain dripping covered window of a cop car coming with the lights in the rain.  I actually had five or six of those.  No kidding, and they were exactly what they described they wanted.  But they shortlisted four circles and apparently never even viewed mine. They want a min of 60. a month for being a "premium photographer".  I removed all my brief submissions but two that are still going on.  And I don't know why I didn't remove those.  And I am working on getting all my images off of there.  I would love to know where else I can try to sell now that I have so many photos ready.  And not a rip off place.

« Reply #26 on: July 14, 2015, 02:35 »
They have potential to be good but it is still not a serious place for selling images. They need to have some guaranteed briefs like 99design have or something like that.


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« Reply #27 on: July 14, 2015, 06:50 »
Long time ago I used to work for a company that had almost identical model but for different products. Mainly commodities which is different than stock photos but with all of the copycatting stock is becoming a commodity. Buyers would mainly use the system to get prices and then use that to go beat up their trusted suppliers during negotiations. Or just use it as a price check. Buyers rarely moved forward with accepting bids and when they did it was normally offline and not through the system. We had to regularly call buyers and ask them why they were placing bids and not moving forward. The business model was flawed and the company eventually went away when investors dryed up.

The problem with the model was that buyers had no vested interest or incentive in the system and already had contractual relationships with other suppliers. They didn't pay anything for the service so they didn't care. And there was no incentive to buy other than on price. And why would they buy from a new seller when they could just use the bid to negotiate with a trusted supplier.

In my opinion it needs an incentive/penalty system for both buyers and suppliers. Maybe like buyers can place so many bids for free without accepting a bid. Buyers who constantly place bids without accepting any receive a penalty. Buyers who regularly accept bids pay nothing and also get incentives. If they continue to allow buyers to place bids and not accept them, suppliers will eventually dry up and the system will collapse.

From the comments here I'm seeing a lot of the same issues I saw at that old company. It's a clunky business model. Maybe with some changes it could improve but when I look at this as it is now I don't see it as a good use of time for me. Maybe I'm missing something though.

« Reply #28 on: July 14, 2015, 07:50 »
I just did one last week, shot exactly what they sketched, with all the requirements listed.  Didn't even make the shortlist.  Reminds me why I don't waste my time there.

« Reply #29 on: July 14, 2015, 09:05 »
Three month ago I started in the IB, some images are shortlisted, but not any sells at the moment, still most of those pending. But too many is "The buyer did not select any images this time." Even when you can see, there is nice and accurate images available.. Sometimes I think.. are some briefs only fake for us..


« Reply #30 on: July 14, 2015, 10:12 »
Years ago my sister was shortliste for a chef job in a restaurant which had been bought to upgrade.  She was rather surprised to be asked for a kitchen design layout at her interview.  As it happened,  she knew all the others on the shortlist, and none was appointed. But they got some free layout suggestions!

« Reply #31 on: July 14, 2015, 10:29 »
So, if all of this is happening and people even get suspicious about the legitimacy of the briefs, shouldn't we start to question what is happening to the uploaded photos and if they are safe there?

After all it doesn't seem to be all that many briefs closed, and from what I remember reading all these years I do not think anyone has ever sold anything there.

This whole thing is just a bit off to me. I've been accepted a few years ago, submitted to a few briefs, got shortlisted at least once (I think) but the briefs never closed. Certainly not by the end of the announced time, or even close.

Gave up on them years ago.


« Reply #32 on: July 14, 2015, 10:52 »
I am there, had a photo selected in the beginning but stopped uploading there as all the briefs I submitted to never seem to come to a conclusion. IB says all briefs get closed, but I dont believe it. Sometimes you have these urgent briefs, a buyer needs an image within 24 hours and a week later its still open.

Also, the amount of spam images submitted is staggering. Like no one reads the briefs and just submits anything they can find on their HD that remotely matches the request.

Personally I still like the concept, but IB really needs to tighten up the model to keep me interested. Since I don't have a lot of images sitting on my HD that aren't already in stock elsewhere, I only submit to briefs that I can shoot easily and that I think have potential for stock after the brief closes.

The last one I shot for was a brief posted on May 20 with a two day deadline for submissions. Three weeks later the brief is still pending with no buyer activity for weeks. In the meantime though my images are in limbo. IB needs to be more stringent with buyers, forcing them to either award or close the brief within hours (or at the very least days) of the deadline. More direct buyer engagement and feedback would also be helpful.

May 20 2015 -  "Brief launched. We have liftoff"
May 23 2015 -  "Brief in review. Sit tight!"
June 18 2015 -  "Update from buyer: We are still hashing out the cover for xxxx - so please keep images intact. I will be in touch about this soon."
July 14 2015 - "Update from buyer: We are still hashing out the cover for xxxx - so please keep images intact. I will be in touch about this soon."
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« Reply #33 on: July 14, 2015, 12:28 »
I've only submitted to 3 or 4 briefs, and had one sale. The sale equaled a few months worth of microstock money, so it was worth the effort.

My main annoyance there is the lack of a feedback or question system, as often the briefs I would attempt are vague. If I know I'm shooting the right subject, I'll do it, but I'm reluctant to make an effort to shoot something the buyer may or may not actually want.

as they are fairly new, they still could -- as in ought to! -- improve on that one and add that use case to IB in order to make it more worthwhile.

« Reply #34 on: July 14, 2015, 16:31 »
i sent this to them.
we will see if they reply.

« Reply #35 on: July 14, 2015, 19:37 »
I've probably submitted 100 images overall and had 2-3 shortlisted. Never a sale. Stopped uploading altogether. What happens to our images when they aren't selected?

« Reply #36 on: July 14, 2015, 19:46 »
Wow, did you see all the VERY specific "briefs" today?

« Reply #37 on: July 15, 2015, 02:02 »
With all concerns shown here i even didn't start. The time possible lost i better spend where the sales are and real work. Real. Many places now look like they got crowds which brought them audience and clients, but the purpose was to create a platform serving for a circle defined in beginning
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« Reply #38 on: July 15, 2015, 07:20 »
 There should be something like that, the buyer statistics to see us:

- beginner buyer, first brief or not
- purchases, how many images buyer has purchased earlier, 1-10, 10-100, over 100
- buyer hit rate %, tells how often buyer purchase image or not
- and question for buyer (filtered by IB), all of us can see buyer's answer

The BHR (buyer hit rate) should be important together with the purchases amount. Better values, better buyer I like to shoot.


« Reply #39 on: July 15, 2015, 08:16 »
I've probably submitted 100 images overall and had 2-3 shortlisted. Never a sale. Stopped uploading altogether. What happens to our images when they aren't selected?

In your account interface there is a tab for "my images". You can delete your images from that pane however I'm not sure how "deep" the deletion actually is. If you choose not to delete them apparently they are archived and cataloged to show to future buyers with similar brief parameters. Allegedly.

« Reply #40 on: July 15, 2015, 09:07 »
I decided to test the waters with Image Brief in April, I have submitted to quite a few briefs, mostly archive stuff from old shoots and unused images. Whilst I am disappointed at the low number of briefs that are awarded and converted into sales I remain interested as I have actually had some good sales there. I signed up as a premium member and paid the annual fee of $499. So far I have had 3 sales since April ($1250, 100% commission as a premium member) and still have a number of images that are shortlisted.

This week they launched the beginning of a new way to get your images in front of buyers through their 'Personal Marketplace', thus allowing me to create a database of searchable images as well as the usual method of exposure by submitting to briefs, I can select images to be sold as RF or RM, minimum selling price remains at $250.

My advice is not to write them off, keep an eye on the briefs especially the specific ones where you might have something sitting on your hard drive that fits the brief criteria. This may not be a good fit for all photogs but look at the briefs and see if your work suits some of the styles the represented agencies are looking for. I am enjoying being with them right now, their communications have been excellent every time I posed a question and I am am making sales. New developments like the 'Marketplace' shows to me that they are expanding their operation, hopefully this will in time bring more sales. I hope sharing my experience helps and wish everyone good luck in making some sales in this super-competitive field.

« Reply #41 on: July 15, 2015, 09:22 »
As far as I can see, "Marketplace" is just another stock library.  I paid to be in Shutterpoint 11 years ago.  Wasn't worth what I paid.

« Reply #42 on: July 15, 2015, 09:29 »
As far as I can see, "Marketplace" is just another stock library.  I paid to be in Shutterpoint 11 years ago.  Wasn't worth what I paid.

Sorry to hear that. I will see where this goes with 'Marketplace' as its an added 'paid for perk' to premium membership, I'll add a few hundred originals to their library, see what that generates and make a decision whether I renew the premium membership based on the return from 100% commissions next April when renewal fee is due.

« Reply #43 on: November 23, 2015, 20:39 »
" ... But ask yourself, why would they commission a shoot when they can get multiple shoots commissioned for free with no obligation to actually buy/license a photo!"

"... Back in 2011 American Photographic Artists (then Advertising Photographers of America) issued an APA Alert warning photographers of ImageBrief as "a service that we recommend you avoid." APA stated "We feel that this type of business scenario where photographers shoot on "spec" in hopes of having their work used will only further erode the hiring/licensing model that APA supports." Some things never change. APA was right then, and the warning rings true still."

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