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A list of partner programs

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What a fantastic list. Thank you for the effort. It is truly appreciated.

Glad people like it.  I found the process of assembling the list to be very useful.  Thanks all for the updates which I've added in.  Please let me know if I missed anything.  

For some reason I though you could opt out of Fotosearch, but seems not to be the case.

Thanks, great work.
+   http://hemistock.com  - partner of 123rf

Wow, great list - thanks for all the work.  I think I should make this topic sticky so it doesn't get lost.  Can I add this info to the wiki?

Age Photostock has got some of mine from Panther Media but not from Fotolia, so I wonder if the Fotolia connection is still valid (they don't seem to put micro agency names on the search page, just marking anything from a micro as a budget price image, you can see the agency if you open the thumbnail).


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