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Author Topic: Adobe Creative Cloud Photography promotion $7.99 a month  (Read 19142 times)

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« Reply #25 on: September 03, 2015, 13:25 »
Adobe is just doing what any corporation does - charge as much as they can for their product, and try to lock in "recurring revenue".   The problem in this case is lack of competition.    Microsoft was in this position for a long time, before Apple became a signifcant threat, and that only happened because the market changed signficantly (focusing on mobile platforms for which Microsoft was unprepared). 

I hate the idea of a monthly bill,  but the fact that they'll be able to raise it anytime they want bothers me more.  And what bothers me even more than that, is that they'll no longer need significant enhancements to the product at regular intervals.  What's to stop them from cutting their whole R&D group? The money would just keep rolling in for years...

« Reply #26 on: September 03, 2015, 16:18 »
Indeed it is a brilliant model on their part. And since there is no real competition, we will all be captive to their subscription model.

If you put "brilliant" in quotes I could live with that - toxic, predatory and obnoxious seem fair too. I would be fine with subscriptions if they were an option for those who wanted them.

And someone I know who works for Autodesk says they're going down the same road and have been watching Adobe closely to try and avoid any of their mis-steps. Bad ideas are contagious. Perhaps that's better phrased anti-customer, pro-shareholder ideas...

They could make the subscription free for one year and I still wouldn't sign up - as long as CS6 and LR 6 are working fine I'm not touching that "make Adobe rich" business model. They were terrible about bug fixing before and the tales of those updating to the 2015 CC versions suggests they haven't improved.

And as for enticing me by suggesting I want to do composites on my iPhone...they're delusional. Some manager who doesn't actually use any of the products has drunk the cool aid about "mobile" "cloud" and other buzzwords.

The quotes were implied Jo Ann! Brilliant from the perspective of extracting as much money from us as possible.


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