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Title: American Frame
Post by: Clivia on March 13, 2007, 13:38
A long time ago I read on these forum about American Frame. They sell frames, and you can upload your images to be sold with the frames. You set your own profit.
I had a gallery on there, and last week received an email from their printing department. They had an order for one of my pictures, but did not have it on the database. They asked me to re upload, which I did.
I have not been credited with that sale. I have emailed support and received no reply.
Therefore, I have deleted all my images.
If you have any images with them, be warned, they don't pay you for sales!
Title: Re: American Frame
Post by: admart01 on March 13, 2007, 15:40
I uploaded a bunch of images there - took a very long time as they wanted packages.  Been over a year (I think) and no activity at all and I forgot about them.  I'll keep my eye on them.  Thanks for the heads-up.