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Calling for Entries at our NEW WEBSITE

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--- Quote from: cliffordthebigreddog on September 17, 2020, 21:04 ---
As of now we are leaning towards a $100 annual subscription plan of limited downloads (up to 1TB or 20 clips daily).

We are planning to take only 0-5% commission for the sales (excluding service maintenance fee) for the first year, and slowly increase it up to 20% depending on the website’s performance.

--- End quote ---

Are you nuts? How about $100 per video sale instead?

I'd go for 50% commission though. I don't think you have any idea how much hosting will cost. My clips are a few GB each, because of 4k HQ ProRes.


--- Quote from: Mantis on September 10, 2020, 08:13 ---
"Any user who fails to provide accurate and sufficient information required for the Company to deliver royalties from their Content may not be compensated even if their Content has been sold, and the amount that has not been issued will be returned to the Company during year-end adjustments."

Yea, NO!!

"Playstock shall have the right to retain any unissued royalties and/or other compensation when you terminate your account." I would rethink this. It's a bad, unfair message sent to contributors.

--- End quote ---

Well, the first part is fair.  If you don't give them your Paypal or other payment information how can you expect to get paid?  It's the year-end part that is shady, there should be a grace period of say... 3-12 months from the last sale.  If you lose your payment address (i.e. change email accounts) you should have a reasonable amount of time to update your payment details. 

But the next statement on unissued royalties... boy this gets under my skin.    I do believe this clause started in the beginning because the payouts could be small amounts that were greater than the amount occurred to send the final payment (Paypal/Skrill fees).  If you have a balance in your account that is below a minimum threshold, an ETHICAL agency would charge an amount of $5 or less to administer this instead of crapping on someone who helped build their company in a small way.

Jo Ann Snover:
I checked the giveaway a few minutes ago - $19,408 left in the upload bonus pool

I think it's good that few people took them up on this offer as it was all too vague and handing over our valuable assets to folks with a half-baked story isn't a good plan...


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