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Interesting and nicely consistent. Is that RPI per month? I'm guessing it is. Which would mean that your type of material and the sites you sell on, you get about $1.20 a picture, on average per year? Nice.

I believe he said it was .11 a DAY.  Which is quite outstanding IMO.  That equals out to $40.15 per image per year.  With, say, 5k images, he would be making over 200k annually.  That would probably put him among the very top elites in the country. 

Haven't checked back on this thread in a while, but it looks like a few questions have come up about my figures and port.  Here are some details, though I won't be sharing my port since I'd rather not open myself up to copycatting... not that the posters here would do so, but folks with unoriginal minds are lurking everywhere in the shadows.

Yes, my RPI is .11 a day.  I don't have anywhere near 5K images, but I hope to get there in a few years.  That 200K annual income number is certainly a goal, and one that would only be attainable if my RPI holds up... which is why it's such an important number to me.  After all the explanation from prior posts, I can understand why RPI is in some regards a problematic number to watch, and as time goes on it's difficult to maintain, but so far it's been a reliable factor in my forecasting, helping me set goals and giving me incentive to maintain my daily and weekly quotas, and I hope it remains so for a while.

But back to my port and my results.  I'll say this... I've found that stuff sells when it has a clear message.  And the messages that sell best are those with business applications.  If I can't immediately envision a buyer using a new pic in a sales brochure, presentation, blog post, etc., to help make a powerful point, then I don't waste time on it.

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Anyone who watches sports betting or any gambling, knows that some people watch the "trends" for an indication of the future.

Some say that people who gamble simply aren't very good at Math.  Then again, we could all say the same about Microstock!   ;D

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Ok, I'm a little late to this party but here is my earnings finally

Interesting points for me this month were that iStock and Veer took a larger part of the pie (3% more total for both), while Shutterstock and Fotolia went down (2%)

Earnings up 18% from last Dec. Portfolio size up 8%
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