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Author Topic: Don't Be Drone Foloish!  (Read 4389 times)

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« on: September 04, 2015, 17:28 »
 I have a drone and use it all the time for stock. I stay below 400ft. don't fly over large crowds, stay away from airports and the list goes on. Dummies like this  are making a mess for those of us who use them properly. For stock if I use it with models they are aware and it is very controlled. Just please use some common sense if you have a drone. Flying over Niagara Falls was not a risk to anyone but my drone!! 


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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2015, 05:46 »
I am interested in amateur with small drones, the price of a quality system is around thousands of dollars and it is not very easy to use, so we must need to care this devices...

here is an angry people example...
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« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2015, 07:18 »
I am interested in amateur with small drones, the price of a quality system is around thousands of dollars and it is not very easy to use, so we must need to care this devices...

here is an angry people example...

yes, you're totally right, quality systems are -- or rather start at a minimum of -- a thousand dollars. This space needs to be watched closely though if you're interested in getting into this more thoroughly. The better part of the cost is due to the electronic stabilizers a. k. a. "gimbals" that are needed with any useful AP/V multicopter.

If you want to seriously try it out, you should not get any of DJI's expensive ones outright though. You're totally right, if you crash that (or get caught in an "angry person situation") this is going to be an expensive lesson. Equally for the "flying lessons" part of your journey: you do not want to take them on a Jaguar or Mercedes convertible either. There are VERY reasonable and stable-flying designs coming out by the week now, mainly really-cheap but proven quadcopter camera platforms you can buy here or even something like this from China outright, sometimes even with free shipping and stuff)! These reasonably flying models can then be equipped with a "gimbal" and one of those Gopro-clone cameras one Aussie friend of mine calls "Nopros" :) now and then taken to the test right away: learning to fly, finding out if one gets it at all, learning to mix Aerial with more down-to-earth (tripod-ed) footage, familiarizing yourself with the basics of that kind of cinematography, and so on.

No one has a good time watching the ugly footage of some fisheyed Gopro strapped to a racing quadcopter doing aerobatics or anything,! Neither is Aerial-only filming what you want (or anyone else, for that matter; think of your audience/apply what goes for any other kind of imagery as well). Produce good footage, mix it freely, study the results you come up with -- all for like $250 to $550 maybe. Only THEN flash out a Grand or more if it has to be a highly proprietary turn-key item like the "Phantom 3 Advanced" at all (forget about the latest so-called 2.7K "Phantom Standard" model they're touting now, unless you want to increase that "exploration budget" of yours, as above, to the full-fledged $850 level which would be a bit too much for my taste though)...

After educating yourself the way described above, you might as well want to skip the entire Phantom-level altogether and go for a real (Hexa- or Octo-) copter instead that can carry a mirrorless MFT, BMPCC, or "real" DSLR camera instead of that Gopro junk (which is basically only a Toys-for-Boys gadget). The "real" frames for Pros start around $900 to $1500 (a bare-bones Tarot frame *much lower* than that!) and need not necessarily be much more expensive than DJI's prosumer models.

To pick up on the headline, this is what I would call "drone-smart" :)
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