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Title: Enhanced license - what exactly does it mean?
Post by: Verena on July 06, 2007, 07:03
Hi everybody!

Yesterday I had my two first Elīs ever (on SS)! WOW! You canīt believe how happy I am!  :D

The only thing I know about Elīs is that I earn more money for those downloads and that the person who downloaded it has some more rights... But what exactly is the difference between a regular downlaod and an EL? I still have the same rights on those photos, right?

Maybe this is a stupid question but Iīve never tried to find out because I didnīt think I would ever get an EL...  ;) And now I got two at once!!  :D

By the way, these are my two winners:




Title: Re: Enhanced license - what exactly does it mean?
Post by: GeoPappas on July 06, 2007, 09:02
An Extended License usually allows a buyer to:

-  resell your work on an item (such as a t-shirt, coffee mug, mousepad, etc)

- increase the # of print copies

- to use the image in templates, e-cards, skins, and other electronic media

Here is the SS legalese:

Standard License:

Enhanced License: