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Title: eyeEm now also offer big subscription plans :-(
Post by: kall3bu on October 16, 2021, 02:35
Without any information from eyeEm to the artists, I just found out that eyeEm now also offers big subscription plans and so follow the trend of so many agencies.

I just got a sale via Getty with a revenue of 49 or before tax 58 $, which means somebody baought it for the full price of 499$ on Getty. eyeEm got the 20 or 23 % from Getty and surprisingly I still got 50% from eyeEm. However: I was thinking about leaving eyeEm after their new payment structure, because eyeem itself seems to sell nothing and that new cuts from the already low % from Getty makes it not worth anymore to upload to eyeEm and hoping to get it on Getty market. now I was happy that I did not leave them and got a 49$ revenue, which I for sure would not get anywhere else. But still disappointing: 10% from the sales price.

Now this new subscription which means cheapest sales price for 4.50$, means for most of us a revenue about 1$ instead of 25% from 29 or 99$.