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Title: Where to buy licenses for Quick Time Photo Jpg? It is free or not?
Post by: createstock on October 30, 2014, 15:17

Whether to sell movies on stock footage you need to buy a separate license from MJPEG? Does the Sony Vegas Movie Platinum 12 is a free codec QuickTime Photo Jpg? I've heard that you need to buy QuickTime Pro or here to obtain licenses for a fee http://www.accusoft.com/pvmjpegpricing.htm (http://www.accusoft.com/pvmjpegpricing.htm)

I have just bought Sony Vegas Movie Platinum but I do not know if the codec QuickTime Photo Jpg or MJPEG is 100% free for commercial use.

I know that Canon and Nikon SLR cameras have a record of the instructions of filming for personal use only and not for commercial use by the codec AVCHD / H.264 MPEG.LA

Sorry for poor language.