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Title: How do you do in timing your images?
Post by: rjmiz on January 08, 2008, 11:37
How do you do in timing your images?

That's the question. You see I have uploaded over 100 new images in the last week or two.
I knew for sure that I would not make the "New Year" related images in time, so I made no
images relating to the new year. Instead I concentrated heavily on the next date; Feb 14th
St. Valentines Day. I hope that I am prepared. I got all my bases covered regarding appropriate
images suitable for that "lovers" day.

I got to thinking though, according to my experience, new images usually take like 3-5 months
before they are fully circulated on any site. If I am correct, then I have again failed to make the mark.

So I think now I'll concentrate on St. Patty's day March 17th
Oh yeah, I wanna share something with you: I have come up with a scheme to make an image
fit any holiday. Have a look below



I made a PSD file for the calender, so now all I have to do is change the date and come up with
a small suitable image to place at the lower right side. I can use this for every holiday or event.
It works for Christmas, New Years, Valentine's day, or any holiday at all where the dates are the
same every year.

OK so lemme get started on making sure I get enough images ready for St Patty's day.

By the way, if your looking for inspiration on what do do for any give season, just look at other
peoples portfolios. I know thats where I go to gather ideas. In fact your welcomed to browse
my newest ideas here

 http://www.microstockpix.com/ (http://www.microstockpix.com/)
Copy any ideas you like, and try to make them even better than mine. If you would like me to look at
your, (I love looking) portfolio I would be more than happy to. Perhaps even offer a few suggestions.
I welcome any suggestions you guys have too.

Best of luck to all,