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Author Topic: Website with illegal use of photos, check if you have images inside  (Read 4952 times)

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« on: January 31, 2013, 23:57 »
I saw lots of my image with big resolution without watermark in this website.
You should see if your images are not in too.
I think that website is a image thief.
Some images link to 123rf... partnership?
Sorry for my english...
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« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2013, 11:13 »
Sounds like a rip off to me.  Here are the terms of use via google translate and below that the information in the FAQ which says the images are free to use

If you like one or more of our images, you can use them freely in your Facebook wall, Google+, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Messenger and Web Pages.

The only condition to do so, is that you cite and link the name of our website; www.bancodeimagenesgratis.com as the source of their resources.

Here's an example,

Picture: www.bancodeimagenesgratis.com

If desired, visit the following blog to give you a clearer idea about the use of these images. www.MinutosdeSabiduria.com

On the occasions that the name of the author, please use the following format.
Photographer: Jose Luis Avila Herrera | Track: www.bancodeimagenesgratis.com

* My name is an example. See the actual name of the photographer.

In the case of PNG and PSD Frames for personal use if printed, no action is necessary. If going to put in any website, facebook or twitter, please refer to this same address; www.BancodeImagenesGratis.com

NOTE: When you place on your blog or web page of our most recent images through HTML code that we provide, it is not necessary to include any other link or link to the address that you have mentioned.

For one or more picture frames in high resolution 3000px X 2,000, we can send it to your email for only 99 dollar each. We have over 1,000 psd and png files.

* Visit our online store for more details.

We can also send you a CD or DVD with 100 Frames PSD and PNG for just $ 29 plus shipping.

We accept payments through PayPal with credit and debit cards, Western Union and MoneyGram.

In case of placing a permanent link to our blog, tell us to reciprocate in the same way.

To return to the main page, then you click here.

Thank you very much!


Questioner: Where am I?
Respondn: You are reading online frequently asked questions on this website

Questioner: I know that, but what is this page or blog?
Respondn: Ah, this is a blog called Free Image Bank

Questioner: You said Bank? So I can make money from my card here?
Respondn: lol, I do not think you read that correctly. It is an Image Bank!

Questioner: Ah, sorry. And what is this about?
Respondn: Well here you can find thousands of images and photos on various topics and categories.

Questioner: Really? Wow, I can see here photos of Justin Bieber naked?
hahahahahaha course we have pictures of Justin Bieber, but with clothes.

Questioner: And Espinosa Paz?
Respondn: Are you kidding? Who is this guy?

Questioner: Ah, forget it! I see that you only listen to music of Mozart, Chopin and Vivaldi.
But continuing with the questions, I can also see photos of kittens?
Respondn: Of course, we have lots of pictures, images and wallpapers of kittens

Questioner: I see that it is an image bank But has pictures of Winnie the Pooh?
Respondn: Yes, it's one of our favorites. People look much images wini pu.

Questioner: Now what the images are large or small?
Respondn: We have it all. Some are exclusive to iphone, ipod, ipad or cell and others are optimized for all types of tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktops.

Questioner: Alright! And the pictures really are free?
Respondn: We have thousands of free pictures and some others that also can be used for either commercial or print websites citing the author's name.
For more details on this question, do you click here.

Questioner: I can download the pictures to my computer I like to watch them when you have time?
Respondn: Sure you can do it at any time.

Questioner: I have never saved a picture on my computer How is it done?
Respondn: It's easy. Firstly do you click on the image you like to enlarge. Then do you click on that image, but with the right mouse button (mouse), select 'save image as', look where you want to put a folder or directly on your desktop and click on 'save'. Having done all that, the image is already on your computer and you can view it whenever you want.

Questioner: I see on my desktop, but it is very small. How I can make it big?
Respondn: Oops, almost forgot to tell you that. Just do you double click on it.

Questioner: I thought it was more difficult. Well, what I can put these images on Facebook?
Respondn: Yes Between you to your Facebook account, you click on 'photo', then 'upload photo / video', 'Select File', browse your folders or go to your desktop where you have the image you want to upload, then you Double click on it, click 'publish' and that's it.

Inquisitive: It became clear to me already, but I can upload multiple pictures to facebook on one album?
Respondn: Sure. To do this, log into your Facebook account, then you click on 'photo', 'create photo album', browse to the photos you want to put on that album and holding down the CONTROL key, go, by clicking on the photos or images you want to add. When have lists, you click 'open' and see how you start to upload your images in your album. While they are rising, You can extend a title and description, you can also tag someone in them. Finally, click publish and your album will be available for all your friends. Be sure to add me to your friends. I found you on Facebook as Jose Luis Avila Herrera (http://www.facebook.com/BancodeImagenes)

Questioner: Wow, I have learned many things today. And since I see that you have answers for everything, can you tell me if I can use the images to put on my blogspot blog or other web page?
Respondn: Sure you can do it. However, do not forget that it is necessary to include or down the images that will put the following legend;
Photographs: www.bancodeimagenesgratis.com or something that contains a link or link provided in that direction.

Questioner: What happens if I put that down to the legend or the photos I uploaded to my blog?
Respondn: It is possible that the world will end before December 21, 2012. Hehe, I was joking. It's okay. That more than an obligation, is a request for help in doing so, more people can know our site and benefit from all our resources.

Questioner: If so, I think it's great. Each time you upload an image, put a link.
Respondn: Wow, thank you very much.

Questioner: But you said do all our resources?
Respondn: Sure, we have not only photos and pictures, but also files. Gif, picture frames psd, png frames and tutorials on photography, blogging and how to make money by placing adsense ads on your blog.

Questioner: That interests me a lot. I think I will come very often to read the newest.
Respondn: It will be a pleasure to welcome you to this humble space.

Questioner: But if the passage of time forget the name of this site, what I can do?
Respondn: Ah, do not worry. There are many ways to get in touch with us. The first is that you add our site in your favorites. To do so, press Control D and you get a small dialog box to save our blog on your list.

Then, you can register by mail or subscribe to receive our updates directly following your inbox. To do so, do you click here. NOTE: We send almost instantly a confirmation email. Please make you click on the link in blue letters containing the message to activate your registration.

Other great options for you to receive our updates, pictures and free resources, is joining us via social networks. To do this, you click here to follow us on Facebook. And now, do you click here to follow us on Twitter.

Questioner: That and I was very clear. But I wish I had this post in my feed aggregator like iGoogle, Google Reader, Netvives, etc. Is it possible?
Respondn: Sure. Here you have our RSS FEED. http://feeds2.feedburner.com/BancodeImagenesGratuitas

Questioner: I see you are up to date in the area of ​​Information Technology.
Respondn: That's our job and we do it right.

Questioner: Finally, if you desire to contact you directly, what I can do?
Respondn: Ah, that's easy. You can e-mail message to: [email protected]

Questioner: Excellent thank you very much.
Respondn: You're welcome. We are here to serve you.

Questioner: Oops, wait ... How to return to the home page to see the images?
Respondn: Ah! Just make you click here; www.bancodeimagenesgratis.com

Questioner: Ok, thanks. Chao. Bye. Good Bye. See you. Au Revoir.
Respondn: What?


« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2013, 19:43 »
Thank you for your reply.
I sent an email to the site owner, no response for the moment.
I saw lots of popular images, many contributors are concerned.
I will try to send a DMCA takedown notice (firtst time for me) if I don't have reply.

« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2014, 12:07 »
A year later the website still exists, sad. :(

« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2014, 08:17 »
Whats truly sad is the amount of these sites that are out there


  • There is a crack in everything
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2014, 09:17 »
67,952 likes on Facebook, but impossible to know how many/few of them would ever have bought an image. Still, they shouldn't be stealing people's images and giving them away (obviously).

DCMA only works (legally) in America, the next step would be for people who have images there to contact their agencies to take it up (don't bother with Alamy, they won't help but graciously allow you to pursue for yourself). I'm not sure how helpful the micros are unless you can estabish where the images came from (presumably lifted from the site of a legitimate buyer, unless they buy them to have on this site).

« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2014, 11:05 »
Hello! My name is Jos Luis vila Herrera owner of this website newbielink:http://www.bancodeimagenesgratis.com [nonactive] I understand my responsability in this case. As I wrote before, I am ready to remove any photo under copyright infringement. I don't want to display any ilegal material. With my apologies i promise to be carefully about any pictures in my site. I have a good proposal for any photographer. You can donate me small photos and I can link it to your original websites o photo agencies. I really apologize about this. -Jos


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