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Author Topic: Istock rejection for lack of release????  (Read 2428 times)

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« on: December 22, 2015, 16:37 »
Does anyone have any ideas  how to word descriptions so my photos do not get flagged for releases when no release needed???

When I resubmit them with explanation this is not an arena, accepted but there is a limit of 3 per month and I have photos of their practice as well as other dogs at trials that are not in an arena but an open field of grass.   I already used a description of the photos saying something like outdoors in local park to clue the reviewer into the fact that it was not an arena but not working.  I am not sure they even read the description.  No humans.. only dogs or maybe at most a leg and no logos on shoes.  Not the dogs causing the rejects because I upload a release for my dog.  Even when I forget to add it sometimes, they go through.

Also, the one that really gets me is one that has the following elements: dog, husband's legs, dirt, weave poles, shoe with no logo.   He was wearing some jersey beaten up shorts and only a sliver is showing and the notice mentioned uniform.   I guess I could add something describing his shorts? 

Kind of frustrating because of the 3 image limit on Scout.  I have already written them more than once and the only thing they do is say use Scout.  While it is not my main area of photography, I have enough that I would use up a year's worth of 3 per month trying to explain to them.  Obviously, they do not know the sport. 


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« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2015, 17:02 »
Try their Critique forum. Sometimes that helps get files through.

« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2015, 19:39 »
Thank you.


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