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« on: April 06, 2016, 16:31 »
Hello, everybody...! ...I joined this forum years ago (my nik was Molto) but now I changed my nikname with the title of the new stock website I am building with others. I am pleased to introduce it hoping it will please you too. Some creative genius will think that we are only copycats who want to make money on other's people work. But we know that this is not the right way to consider our activities. We are old  images lovers, by family tradition and antique collectors passion. We are interested not only in original papers, because we think that digital copies can also be a great way to hand down the past, to enrich the present and to shape the future.
To those who say that we are only copycats, we answer that we feel in good company. We remember the Scriptoria in antique medieval monasteries and the amanuensis' work, without wich culture and human civilization would not be what they are. Times have changed, but we like to remember St. Benedict of Nursia, Cassiodorus, St. Columban and many others (often Italians as we are). Today we use different equipment than their. But for the same reason.
Our website is a newborn and a niche. We like to think that is only the first draft of something growing. This post is our first public communication. We will be glad to receive comments, remarks, critiques, suggestions. We still have much work to do and we intend to move forward even with some marketing activity. We would also like to open our website to contribution and cooperation. This will appen when we can collaborate with mutual benefits and satisfaction. Maybe we will find forms of cooperation with other agencies.
Thanks for reading and sorry for bad English
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« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2016, 16:48 »
Looks interesting but I don't know how many of these vintage images are already on the other sites?  Can't old images that are out of copyright be uploaded by anyone?  Doesn't that take away the advantage of a niche subject?


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« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2016, 17:04 »
Looks interesting but I don't know how many of these vintage images are already on the other sites?  Can't old images that are out of copyright be uploaded by anyone?  Doesn't that take away the advantage of a niche subject?

Out-of-copyright images seem to be very popular on iS.

« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2016, 08:43 »
Tanks for the replies. This topics are very relevant. Surely various images are also in other stock sites, but not every, (and in most cases not the same versions, because of editing differences) and not with the same licensing terms. Anyway, hereafter, we mostly aim to exclusive images on  (and soon the vast majority will be). But this is a manifold topic. Antique images can be more or less rare. Different paper copies of the same image can be in different state of preservation (ageing, damages, spots, foxing, etc...) and, last but not least, digital version may be very much different from each other, because of different editing and restoring. Copying, reworking, it is not as simple as someone can imagine (Benedectin monks, they knew something about this...), especially focusing on quality (and we must also consider that ideas about quality may be different too).
Yes, old images can be uploaded by anyone. Provided that you have available and you are able to valorize it. New images con be uploaded by anyone too, in other sites. Perhaps there is not much difference between images out-of-copyright and in-copyright, if we consider that new images can by very similiar each other too.
I think that we have to keep in mind that when we speak about out-of-copyright images, we refer exclusively to antique original papers (or single images on other physical media, not magnetic). Anyone involved in digital photography knows that, using good equipment and  specific elements (camera, macro lens, lightning, or top level scanners...) and advanced editing software, it is possible to obtain digital products not only as accurate and faithful reproduction, but also better than original papers. You can eliminate stains and signs of aging. And it is possible to mend the torn paper without a trace. And more. What I mean is that, reworking an old image, involves the assignment of a new copyright on a derivative work turned in a new media.
Regarding the availability of old images on traditional stock sites, I want to say that, in my experience, this is somewhat random. Yes, it is true: in some stock sites there are available old images reworked. But is also true that legal and organizational issues (and perhaps also marketing policies) sometimes result in guidelines not exhactly coherent and changing over time. What can have a negative impact on the work of those who have specific interst on the "antique" diffusion on one side and in finding it regularly and growing, on the other side. Vintmage's idea is that the creation of a specific niche marketplace can better address the matter than a "generalist" stock website. At least, this is our idea and this idea whe hope and want put into practice on
Thank you


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