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Title: releases! those [email protected]$#%@^ releases!
Post by: Greg Boiarsky on July 12, 2006, 09:54
Just blowing off some steam here.  But, I can't believe some of these sites.  Dreamstime requires a model's phone number, and Istock requires a photocopy of an ID.

Not to be snippy, but there are a lot of homeless people with interesting and gorgeous faces; these people don't have phone numbers or photo IDs.  They can sign a legal contract, which is what my model releases are:  They have names, signatures, and witness signatures.  Why does an agency need a photo ID?  All that does is put my models at risk of ID theft--what if someone hacks the agency Web site?  What if someone steals my computer with all those records scanned as jpegs?

Jeez.  I guess Istock and Dreamstime won't get photos from most of my models.  It's a shame, because both sites are good places to sell.
Title: Re: releases! those [email protected]$#%@^ releases!
Post by: leaf on July 12, 2006, 12:18
phone number.. yeah that is abit of a ridiculous thing, but photo id.  I am not sure what they want, but I have just attached a picture of the model to the release.  No ID, just a photo that I took during the shoot with a close up of their face.