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shedule time for (re)upload images

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A long time an idea growth in me which belongs to the right shedule time for (re)upload images to the agencies.

Last weeks I got so many more reasons to think deeper about it.

For example:
After 30 days, images, which were not sold or viewed enough times, will get lost in ranking. That means, if we have images which have to compete with other similar images, our images nearly lost the chance to get sold or viewed after that 30 days.
With other words: Delete them would be the same like keeping them. Of course we do not delete them - much work for what?

Why not delete them and upload them another time again?

The idea behind:
Mostly NEW images get viewed and sold - except a few images, which get sold regulary. Would be interesting to research if these regulary images also started to get sold in the first 30 days.

Lets explain it with an easy example:
We upload Christmas images in summer! Who will be surprised that our images do not get sold or even viewed in summer, isnīt it?
In October/November/December when the buyers are looking for Christmas images, our images from summer went down on ranking and will have nearly no chance to get viewed or sold.

We always surprised about images got sold even we think they were bad images. But we also always surprised about many of our good images also not get sold.

It might be that we uploaded them in a wrong time or we were just unlucky that in the first 30 days no buyer were searching for that good images.

When i started in November last year, like many of us, I started with flowers LOL and uploaded them directly in November! Totaly wrong!
Should I delete these images - only the really good ones and upload them again in February, when the buyers searching for flowers for the market starting in March?

There are agencies where we easily can delete images and upload another time again. But might these agencies see what we are doing and might block that images?

For some other reasons I deleted some images on deposit and uploaded them again a few month later. Some images, wich did not get sold after the first upload suddenly got sold in the first 30 days after the second upload.

I hope, you get my idea.

Could it be a good idea to REupload the better images?

BUT BEFORE THAT we should check the ranking of these images first.
Some of my images which never got sold, always appears on the first page - on each agency AND on google. These have a good ranking already and should not neccesssary to REupload again. AND even many seemed to view them, but they did not get sold. Even I think also, they are not that good.

But all our own favourite images, who did not get sold a long time: Should we delete them and REupload them again - my flowers for example in February/ March?

I am glad to read your opinions and would like to get an answer from MATT from Adobe too. But because it is not only an idea for Adobe, I posted it here in General Stock Discussion.

Bad idea. Your time is very valuable. This is an industrial issue, volume. In my opinion, very bad idea.

Is it really just like that?
Well, luckily I have the time and I would concentrate only on the best photos.

#This is an industrial issue, volume.#
I do not understand.

I am not sure if I explained my idea good enough.

I am a little bit surprised about only one reply.

Well, I will try it out to get examples which shows my idea was really bad and not worth it or - who knows - it might works!

I do not want to repeat to much here, but one question I am really very interested in:
It would be helpful if some of you try to find out, if regular sold images (maybe including best selling images) started to get sold in the first 30 days period or are there also images, which might started a long time later and then got regulary seller.

In other marketing places we also often get remembered about items we can buy even they are on market a long time already.
If our images getting lost in ranking in the first 30 days only because in that 30 days our images did not get viewied - for what reasons ever - then might be deleting and uploading them another time again COULD help. Might be we are lucky that in the second upload 30 days period they got viewed enough time or better got sold.

Uncle Pete:
Since you asked, here's another reply. I think it's a waste of time trying to game the system. If they don't work to start with, why would re-uploading make a difference?

You could invest your time better, making new images.

Alternately, don't upload everything at first and instead spread your uploads of a specific shoot, which if they get a view would direct people to your others and similar.

Bad Idea.

#Alternately, don't upload everything at first and instead spread your uploads of a specific shoot, which if they get a view would direct people to your others and similar.#

That is indeed the better idea which I just do a few weeks now with all new images.

If I did it like you (Uncle Pete) advised me from the beginning, it would indeed work for the a specific shoot with more "similar" images.


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