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Title: slowest review times??
Post by: fintastique on May 31, 2006, 11:57
I was away in London last week snapping away (when it wasn't raining) and started uploading on Thursday the 25th so review times hopefully someone can fill in the blanks.

StockXpert <24 hours
SS < 24 hours
123rf 2-3 days
DT 4 Days
iStock 4 days
PSM 4 days
BS 7 days
FT 7 days
CanStockPhoto 8 days

CanStockPhoto say 7 days on their website


Title: Re: slowest review times??
Post by: ichiro17 on May 31, 2006, 13:33

How long did it take for Shutterstock to review your initial submission?
Title: Re: slowest review times??
Post by: fintastique on May 31, 2006, 15:33
The short answer SS take 5-6 days

the long answer a brief history of my experience with the second biggest micro stock agency

16-02-06 Submitted first batch
23-02-06 rejected  with 0/10 (should have been 3/10 and could have made 7/10 if i had known about filtering out noise)

24-05-06 Welcome back e-mail !! Three month cooling off period finished
25-05-06 submitted second batch (top ten best sellers on iStock)
30-05-06 accepted 10/10 Yippee
31-05-06 First sale from initial ten
then BIG Upload started about 300 so far.

So for any newbies thinking of signing up for Shutterstock test your photos elsewhere before submitting as the 3 month wait for failure is non-negotiable.

The only good thing is that as I signed up back in Feb I can still upload 2.5 mp photos if I signed up now I would have to upload 4 mp.

So folks remember a 4 mp photo will earn you

Can 20c sub
123 22c sub
SS 25c sub

istock 60c
FT    66c
DT   $1 (or 50c if its an old credit)
Can $1     credit
123 $1.50 credit
StockXpert  $2

I just realized that Can stock charge $4 for a 4 mp and we only get $1.
whereas Istock, 123, FT charge $3
and DT and BigStock charge $2 (not sure about BigStock prices)

No wonder Can stock have such low sales