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Title: State University Buildings
Post by: ComfortEagle2095 on August 29, 2014, 10:19
Anybody know if photos of a state University campus or buildings can only be uploaded as editorial or if they can be regular commercial photos?  As state property, it seems (in the US) that they are public property and can be used commercially.

Of course, regardless of the actual legal statutes, agency rules may be different.  Anyone have experience with this for SS, IS, DT?

I've looked and found some images on SS of state University buildings from another state that are regular commercial but none from the state I was in.  I can't imagine that it varies state to state but I'm not sure.
Title: Re: State University Buildings
Post by: sgoodwin4813 on August 29, 2014, 13:43
I have submitted them as commercial before to those agencies and it was not a problem but haven't tried recently.  As long as they are taken from public areas or roads it should not be a problem legally (but I am no lawyer so don't take that for legal advice) - and public universities are public property.  Just be careful about recent buildings as they might be copyrighted.  SS used to have problems with individual buildings but not so much for views of campus.  Some agencies won't take them unless they are editorial - you will just have to try and see about current policies, they will let you know very quickly and most of them are overly cautious.  SS removed all my images of a certain campus a few years ago, presumably due to a complaint, but with others there has not been a problem with the same images and of course you also can submit them RM to Alamy.  They typically are not big sellers but you will probably make enough to pay for gas if the campus is not too far away.
Title: Re: State University Buildings
Post by: robhainer on August 29, 2014, 20:09
I've almost always done mine as editorial. Universities trademark their likenesses, especially things like football stadiums. There isn't much competition for these types of images so selling them as editorial hasn't hurt their sales, I think. Also, most buyers would use them for editorial projects anyway.
Title: Re: State University Buildings
Post by: Beppe Grillo on August 30, 2014, 03:44
SS and DT have accepted my photos of (non US) universities without problem.
iS asked a release.
Some other asked a release, but after some clarification they accepted the images.