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Title: Stock software
Post by: CJPhoto on June 23, 2006, 10:31
Has anyone tried this?


Is there any other software out there.  I know istock has there own program but one that works on all sites would be great.

Any designers out there.  I would be happy to trial if for you  ;D
Title: Re: Stock software
Post by: fintastique on June 23, 2006, 11:09
I saw a link for this in another user group but no feedback from anyone as yet.

Someone commented ages ago elsewhere they set something up themselves where they uploaded to their own website and the files were transfered from there, I don't know how much programming would be required.

I'm not sure how this software works the files leave your computer go to ?? and then are passed on to the 6 sites or it automatically FTPs to the first, then the second etc.

I didn't realize stockphotomedia had an FTP option.

I wonder how many people are put off by the Russian e-mail as the example?

Their testimonials is rather bare though will consider giving you a 30% discount.

The trial version is only 2 meg and scanned clean not sure i want to be first to try it.