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Title: Storyblocks new message to all loyal customers
Post by: PinHead on August 12, 2019, 12:57
"Hi ----------------------,
Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work trying to deliver what you’ve been asking for - a better, bigger Member Library with more high-quality content. So far, we’ve:
Increased the size of the Member Library by 10x
Improved our search algorithms
Added more relevant curated content with collections and trending topics
However, there was one thing that most of you disliked - the pay-per-clip Marketplace.
You told us that you didn't want to see pay-per-clip content on our site that wasn't included in your subscription
Less than 5% of you ever purchased from the Marketplace
So on September 10th, we will be closing down the pay-per-clip Marketplace for good."

I laughed all day....never told them that i disliked marketplace  :o
Title: Re: Storyblocks new message to all loyal customers
Post by: SuperPhoto on August 12, 2019, 14:29
I know, it is funny.

Probably a lot of people didn't "get" the difference - so I can see people who go the subscription route (paying $30 for 100,000+ clips) getting a little annoyed thinking "wait! I hafta pay 2x that much just for a SINGLE clip?".

(I've used their services as a customer, and I admit - when I first was using it - I didn't understand that it was "contributors" that had submitted the majority of the content. I thought storyblocks "employees" had taken 100,000+ videos - and was a bit annoyed because I thought they were trying to upsell me to get the "good" stuff.

Many times there would be a clip of a model that wasn't "exactly" right - and then I'd noticed a "perfect" clip - but it would be $79 to get it. I didn't (at that time) understand that it was a "contributor" who had taken 10-15 different videos, and that storyblocks had just purchased the one clip to include in their 'unlimited' marketplace).

But - once I got it - it wasn't a big issue. If there was a clip I REALLY wanted, I would pay the extra.

So it's just a bunch of B.S. rhetoric on SB side, they just want more $$$, for less work.