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Tear Sheets - Post your finds here

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This is a thread for found images (tear sheets).

Please post tear sheets you have found both from others, or your own images.

If you have the info please include

Image ID:
Image Link:

Type of publication:
Date of find:
Tear Sheet Image, or link:

Excuse my ignorance but what is a tear sheet??

sorry, I had that same question not long ago.

I have added an entry to the MicrostockWiki :)  you can read it here
Tear Sheet - Microstock Wiki

Microsite: Istock.com
User:  Kameel
Image ID: 1280040
Image Link:

Type of publication: Newspaper
Date of find: 19. march 2006
Tear Sheet Image, or link:

It seems like the norwegian newspaper Vart Land has started using a few istock images.  I there is usually between 0-3 images used each day.  They also buy from macro stock agencies, Scanpix (a major scandinavian agency). Here is a page with 2 istock images.. i couldn't find out whose they were though.


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