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« on: June 05, 2011, 15:22 »
I'm drawing a blank here; something like writer's block.   ::)
I remember reading sometime back about organized approaches.  I think it was Jonathan Ross who posted about a shot list and writing out the plan for a shoot ... weekly? daily? spontaneous?

I didn't think that applied to me.  I'm a minor player, taking a picture of my lunch or wandering down by the lake near sunset for some nature/wildlife.  I've photographed nearly everything in the house now -- isolated on white background, of course.  What next?

Anyone want to share their approach to photo shoots?  How you plan and organize?  Would love to learn a little or get inspired.


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Not sure if my methods are commonplace, or fairly unique.  Probably the former.  I am definitely not as organized as Jonathan, that's for sure :)

When I have a shoot upcoming I sit down with a spiral notebook and jot an outline of the broader subjects/concepts I would like to include.  Since I am usually shooting models I will think of what types for shots these particular people will be good for.

After I  get the broad categories, such as let's say - medical, business, technology - then I will come up with shots I want within each category.  It is really about brainstorming.  Once I devote the time and energy, the ideas just start coming.  

I then go over the ideas with my hubby, and he usually has some suggestions to add that were inspired by my ideas.  

I also leave room in each concept for spontaneous ideas.  The models usually have some ideas to add, and some of them are good.  Some aren't, but I shoot them all so they feel part of the process.  Often the models' ideas are completely original because their brains aren't filled with stock cliches like mine ;)

I may also have some new inspirations while shooting too.  It is a very creative process when you are working with the models, if you make them part of the process.  

I try to shoot the ideas in order of importance to me because usually we never have time to shoot everything I want.  The leftover ideas I save for another time.  

Of course the above doesn't apply to food, nature, or still life, but for those I still use the same process of filling out the general ideas in the spiral notebook.  

Hope that helps, Warren :)

Forgot to add: I keep the notebook by my bed at night.  Some of my best ideas come just as I am going to sleep or waking up.
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Dreamstime has a section called "Latest", where you can see the latest searches on the site. A lot of them are either bull, or very well covered. But sometimes you can find uncovered niches and good inspiration.

Or bad inspiration... Here is the result from "Hearts background" (I don't think that was what the buyer had in mind, tho":


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Thanks all; really good info here.  Love what your team has done Corepics.  It is far and away more advanced, however, than anything I will ever attempt.
Lisa, your pad by the bed is a great idea.  I really should keep a notebook on my person.  I'm old and tend to quickly forget any really good ideas that come to me ... sometimes during my naps.   :P ;D

and Thanks, Leaf, for finding and reposting those threads from Jonathan.  They should be good for everyone.

All of you are much more advanced, it seems, than I am.  I do think I can adopt the story board idea and Lisa's note pad.  The only models I ever expect to use will be myself or my wife.  Not much variation there.   :P

I'll keep searching ideas at Dreamstime.  That's where I usually look to see how original any of my concepts may be.  My concepts seem clear to me but often end up much like the ideas I post in here;  totally misunderstood.  LOL

Again, thanks for the input.  Please do keep it coming.  I'm sure other members will find it helpful. 


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