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How about clipcanvas?


I have about 1K clips on clipcanvas and I never sold one!
I was trying to upload something more (I stopped submitting to them some time ago) but I experience a lot of speed issues, even on the site. And ftp issues using stocksubmitter.
Anyone has experience about clipcanvas?
Any advice?


I think you have already answered your question  ;)

Of just less than 100 vids I had 2 sales in 13 years. Just wrote asking them if they are still marketing. Looks like I will close my portfolio there as it looks like I will never achieve a payout.

I have wrote to CC support 14 days ago about close my account here, but without any response from CC support.. Is any button to close my CC account in my profile there ? I didnīt sell any footage clip there ever.

Zero sales in 7 years, then again, I only uploaded a couple of videos. But it's bottom tier AFAIK.


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