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Illegal YouTube channel posting our clips for free download and use

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I spotted one of my clips and filed immediate removal. You better check it out and see if your clips are there too.


Good grief.

Naughty boy. Bit of a cheek adding the CC0 description to them when they're clearly not. If I'm not mistaken, one of them is the top selling clip of all time at Pond5 (shallow depth of field, slow motion long shot of a crowded sidewalk)

Found another channel full of stolen stock videos.  I found the same one of mine there too.

Update.  Among 7 youtube videos I filed claim for copyright infringement, 6 were removed.  Probably the one that remains was legitimately purchased by the poster.  But I don't think he has the right to post it on YouTube on its entirety.  It has 100k views in less than 2 years and many on comment section claimed they downloaded to use for their projects.


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