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Title: Is this workflow okay?
Post by: dragonblade on June 14, 2018, 07:19
Ive got a whole bunch of clips that Ive trimmed and colour graded in Sony Movie Studio that I'd like to submit as stock. I can export them from SMS as MP4s and bring them into Shotcut where I can convert them to MOVs with the Prores codec, ready for submitting.

The thing is when I export them from Sony Movie Studio initially, Ive no idea what codec they have (it doesn't actually specify.) So I don't know if they're being compressed in some harmful way before they make their way over to Shotcut. Would it be preferable to bring the original camera files directly into Shotcut and do my trimming and colour grading there and then export as MOVs with Prores codec?

Though I don't want to spend the time trimming and colour grading the same clips all over again with different software. I'm pretty much happy with their current look!

I'm more used to editing with Sony Movie Studio as Ive been using that software for much longer - the last few years in fact. I initially downloaded Shotcut to use as a video converter.