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Just Un-Licensed My Portfolio on Shutterstock Again for the 2nd time.

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I'm just tired of seeing those sub $5 video sales royalties I would get $30 or more on Pond5 and Adobe Stock.  It's insulting and infuriating.  And those cheap video sub may be either HD or 4K, the same price!!  Give me a f'kin break.  Although Shutterstock has occasional high price license sales, about half of video sales for the last 2 months are those cheap video sub sales.  I did OK without Shutterstock last year from mid July to mid December when I unlicensed my portfolio.  I'm not there to make the Shutterstock management with stock options rich.  I'm not their slave.  So f'k that.  This year's slowdown of Shutterstock sales is very worrying and discouraging while Pond5 and Adobe Stock have been doing well for me.  For those video sub sales, I could've made $68 each on Pond5 instead of $3 on Shutterstock if the buyer downloaded 4k file. 4K and HD being the same price on video sub, why not download 4k, right? It's disgusting. Financial loss is too big for us contributors.

Just unlicensed photos as well.  No more $0.10 subs.  lol

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Good for you


--- Quote from: Bad Robot on February 23, 2021, 05:13 ---Good for you

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Thank you!!  Feeling better.

After 30 days or so, it automatically resets to ACTIVE.


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