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Title: Problems uploading videos to Motionelements with Stocksubmitter
Post by: everest on June 05, 2018, 11:26

I am having a lot of problems uploading to Motionelements using Stocksubmitter at this time. This great tool is really a time saver for my other sites but with this agency it is not working. I get many upload/submission errors and it is a headache to track what is uploaded/submitted as many files that appear to be in a particular status never reach that status when I check the agency, or never even appear there.

Anybody facing similar problems with Stocksubmitter/MotionElements?. I have uploaded directly(ftp filezilla) some files that never went through stock submitter(even with many repeated attempts) and they were online at first try, so there has to be something between both that is causing the problems.

Hope anyone can share their experiences uploading and submitting to this agency through SS and if you are having the same problems.....