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Stock videographers: I NEED YOUR HELP


Hi guys,

I got into selling stock footage when I was producing and shooting travel videos for advertising. There were just too many clips Iíve never gotten to use and I wanted to put them into a different use. I tried out different stock video selling websites, like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, etc, but there was always one thing that didnít suit my needs and I had to go off looking for another platform. Iíve been talking to my videographer and developer friends about it and we have decided that we want to create a whole new platform ó just like Shutterstock and Pond5, but starting from square one.

For a bit of context, Iíve always been frustrated at how I had to send my work off to agencies that take majority of the royalties, or doesnít give you the liberty to edit your submission afterwards. The keywording part is always an issue as well, as Iíve heard from many others. In addition to all these, what prompted the development of this process is the recent boycott at Shutterstock. I noticed that the recent changes are inconvenient and inefficient, most of all it is inconsiderate to the users. This seemed to emphasize a need for a contributor-friendly, contributor-prioritizing space.

The dream is to make a website where it is easy for users to upload, manage and edit their submissions. Something that looks great but is also efficient, where the contributor's interest is the top priority.

I have been scouring through various communities on Reddit, Shutterstock, Microstock, Facebook directed at stock video creators and gathering information about what each website does well or fails. But I would like to ask for your opinions directly. As a stock video contributor using these websites, how has your experience been like? What worked well for you? What were the inconveniences? What improvements should the current stock video websites implement? Any thoughts on the current platform you are using? Price, design, function -- Anything (and by that I do mean absolutely anything!) would be golden.

If carried out well, I think it would potentially be a great push for many of the stock videographers here. We are still in the beginning stage, but your input is absolutely necessary in order for us to create a platform that is 100% suited to your interest and needs. Our goal is to reflect all these upsides and downsides that these current stock video websites have and refine ours with the utmost convenience.




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