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To 4K or to not 4K...

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Clair Voyant:
I currently shoot HD clips and have been moderately happy with the results over the years $$$ wise.

Moving forward, what are your thoughts on upgrading to 4K or UHD? With the lousy commissions do you think it is worth the expense to 'upgrade'? I understand the future proofing your work concept, but with prices so * low is it worth to spend a bunch of money to do so.

Apart from P5 and AD are there any suggestions for sites that are consistent in sales and also respect the artist? I won't give my work to SS. I also don't want to do the Blackbox route either as I don't see value in giving away 15% of already low royalties.

I am totally sitting on the fence to either keep shooting HD or upgrade mainly to future proof, but I am also struggling with the direction of royalties these days.


90% of sales are hd now....btw i'd upgrade the gear...i personally don't upload to low comission agencies like istock or unlimmited subscription agencies so sales pays off my equipment...

Mobile phones now take 4K, blink and everybody will be taking 4K, probably already do if they know where their phone's camera settings are. Rather ask is it worth going higher than 4K? In stock sites I'm on this is still the highest option but for how long? If you want to upgrade and spend your money take the best technology at the moment, it will get outdated too soon anyway.

it's all about content,not resolution or equipment..btw mobile phones are not the choise if you take stock seriously...even the best mobile is thousand miles away from a crappy camera...

Clair Voyant:
What about agency suggestions. IS and SS are pathetic giving a few crumbs, not sustainable by an stretch. P5 and AD seem to be doing okay, at least they are somewhat fair. Any other agencies you'd suggest.

I don't really need a new camera as I have the Canon 5D MarkIII the only reason I'd consider a new camera is strictly for the 4K.


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