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Please advice. I'm looking for video editing software for basic editing like exposure correction, length adjustment etc. Like Lightroom for photo editing, what will be for video?

I'm using Davinci Resolve for such purposes. Advanced tool for colour correction and colour grading but also has some nice timeline editing features.

Many alternatives:

Final Cut Pro X - simple and fast. Best for editing together multiple clips, simple single clip edits and simple color correction.

Adobe After Effects - much more powerful than FCPX when it comes to editing single clips. Stabilization, color correction, retiming. Not very good for editing together multiple clips. Quite slow and clumsy in that department.

Adobe Premiere - More like FCPX but with many of the tools you also find in After Effects. Not as fast as FCPX but works better with After Effects.

You can also do basic edits in Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, but I would recommend After Effects.

Adobe premiere pro cc is a good option. The basic default color editor is similar to camera raw, or lightroom. Lumetri color offers a lot of the same basic features that can also be automated. The best part about it is it doesn't bog down the computer so much and rendering is super fast. It's really nice to be working in 4k and viewing in realtime at full resolution with effects applied. I've never used FCP so can't comment on that. Editing video can be a complete time suck depending on your workflow.


I use Adobe cloud services . Premiere is easy to use to cut and color correcting . For more advanced animations, etc. After Effects is a good choice . However, this is more complex and takes a while to learn. The advantage of Adobe cloud is that you pay a fixed smaller amount per month to get access to all of their programs.


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