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Video light and color not the same on microstock


Hi i have some problem when i work on Davinci resolve my final color and light are not the same on microstock. Just check my photo and you will se the difference. I try to change video format and color but nothing change. I try see video on chrome and safari without difference.

https://www.amazon.ca/photos/share/yZPG36sn5L9NVskZoexDPy621RST3IdTWp9LewBQCPS you should clic on the image to see on full screen. Thank you for your help

Yes, there is a difference. I can't help you, I don't work on the video, but while a colleague gives you her help and experience, I ask you, to clarify. Is it a download of your video or is it a viewing of your video from the internet? Since it can influence to detect the problem, from my total ignorance and humility, with the subject of the videos. Greetings.


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