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--- Quote ---The Basics

    * You may submit accurate and genuine news stories as long as they are your original work, you have the right to market / sell them and they do not break any law. If there is a problem with the image, it’s your responsibility.
    * At all times you own the copyright. You give Demotix the right to market and license your contributions for use. In exchange, Demotix will split any licensing fee obtained with you on a 50:50 basis.
    * You retain the rights to remove your images from the Demotix collections. Just let us know that you want to make a change, and we’ll remove the image from our Website.
    * Always get the permission of an appropriate adult before photographing a child. Should you try to obtain a model / property release for your imagery, it stands a greater chance of being licensed and may achieve a larger licensing fee than non-released photographs.
    * Demotix can attempt to sell your images on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. The choice is yours. Demotix markets images both on and offline, as well as to publishing houses and picture resellers.
    * You are responsible for keeping the details of your user account safe. Whilst we’ll do all we can to help you, Demotix is in no way responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the misuse of your user account.

--- End quote ---

50% of what? They don't really make this clear. The 12 pounds is if you have a feature photo, not for a sale. (if I read it right)

They aren't very clear about the payments and fees.

Microstock Posts:

--- Quote from: RacePhoto on July 01, 2009, 23:14 ---
--- Quote ---50% of what? They don't really make this clear. The 12 pounds is if you have a feature photo, not for a sale. (if I read it right)

They aren't very clear about the payments and fees.

--- End quote ---

"In number terms, that means your non-exclusive images will sell for anywhere between $150 - 3,000; and your videos will sell for $500-1,000 / minute. Exclusives? The sky is the limit."

Open up the section "What you get".
--- End quote ---

Interesting site, they talk a big game, but anyone can start a fancy website. Any Feature or Editorial sales there? If they can get customers to look on their site for images, it would make sense. Nice little news stories with photos.

Loved the one about illegally parked taxis from Hyderabad. Looks like someone posted it to complain. Of course I was searching for "auto racing" and this one is #5 match.  http://www.demotix.com/news/auto-rickshaws-parked-no-parking-zone-hyderabad   ;D

Here's the Wiki report. $50 and up for photos. Sounds reasonable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demotix

Growing site.

Microstock Posts:
Put my second story on today. One of the images was selected for their widget, (edit: link removed. 2 years on never got a sale on this site and didn't continue to upload. Plus their watermarks are almost non-existent if you have images which are not so dark, I emailed them about this, they never replied.) 

Ok it's not a sale, but it's still something.

"Each week the Demotix Team licenses 20 images which appear in the Demotix Widget. Each time one of your pictures is used in the Widget, you get paid £12.50 and get a “badge” on your profile. Images on the Widget are displayed for 1-4 days."

From the blog, as I return to visit Demotix:

We are looking for an Editorial Sales Director to help lead Demotix into its next phase.

The perfect candidate will be extremely dynamic, imaginative, enthusiastic and driven, with experience in the editorial sector, looking for the challenge of a lifetime with an award-winning and paradigm-changing team based in London.

Still growing and changing, the site looks to have some potential. I'm not sure it matches with what I do, since I avoid politics, but for the Citizen Journalist as they are directing their energy, it's possible to have a news story (real news, not illegal cab parking) get picked up by some major agencies. As we can guess from the above, they are adding someone to manage editorial sales, which would indicate that the area wasn't fully staffed in the beginning.

Growth is a good sign, unlike the new Micro sites we've seen rolled out, which slowly dwindle as the base funding is consumed. Then the support evaporates, prior to a slow painful closing. This one is on the way up.


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