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When trying to sell photos from a isolated event - microstock simply isn't the best way.  The images are worth more than micro prices - the sales are going to be so few than the low price of the micros just can't be justified.

Other options:  Alamy is a great site, but it isn't really a journalism site for breaking news.  For general editorial it is good, but for images that you want the media to see today, it just doesn't work.

I just read about a site call Demotix (which prompted me to start this thread).  Has anyone used it?  Does anyone have a better suggestion?

The are paying UK12 pounds? I ask $400 minimum from the press for my stuff.


--- Quote from: litifeta on June 26, 2009, 03:03 ---The are paying UK12 pounds? I ask $400 minimum from the press for my stuff.

--- End quote ---

They pay if they sell. It occures not very often, but they are in the very beginning. I believe they have a good chance.
Above it, they often buy images for their own widget advertising - 12,5 GBp each. It's very close to Alamy for the same Web use.

Is there a review process on this site? I'm rather curious if there are any other similar sites, because microstock is definitely not the best of places to sell editorial photographs.

http://www.nowpublic.com/ seems to be gaining ground, but is not paying in general I think.


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